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Simply point your finger at a name or number in your address book and you will be automatically connected to him– that is how the Apple iPhone works. Apple’s iPhone which has been occupying so much of the news headlines for the last few days is finally released in the UK. Putting an end to the curiosities of the masses, Apple iPhone is now ready for purchase.

As per the official records of Orange, the carrier of Apple iPhone in the UK, as many as 8000 iPhones were registered on the first day of its release in the UK. People are seen standing in long queues in front of the Orange store to have a first look at this most hyped Apple iPhone.

Despite the heavy price tag associated with the Apple iPhone, people are crazy about buying Apple iPhone. The unique gadget is gifted with multiple features, such as digital music player, video games, Internet browsers and digital camcorder. The iPhone is complemented with a version of OS X, push e-mail and latest connectivity features. Apple iPhone is a great help for people who love to work while travelling. From accessing the Internet to document viewing, everything can be done swiftly with this tiny enigma.

The phone weighs 145 gm and has a dimension of 115mm x 61mm x 12mm, which makes it bulky in appearance. But if you have a look at its large 3.5″ touch screen display which constitutes the front of iPhone, the only thing you can do is to appreciate its beauty. Apple also introduces the auto-correct system in the iPhone with the help of which helps users to identify typing errors. Another remarkable feature in this revolutionary phone is that it has an on-screen dial pad which is easy-to-use while dialing. The recent section in the phone also keeps a record of the missed calls, dialed calls as well as the received calls.

The e-mail client in this quad-band GSM/EDGE device supports Yahoo!, AOL mail, Gmail as well as Mac. Apart from the sophisticated features, Apple iPhone is also equipped with all basic features a mobile handset must have. It is an excellent music player that supports iTunes, brilliant photographer, a meticulous communicator and a high-speed Internet browser. With all its functionalities, Apple iPhone is an incredible handset that deserves wide acclamation.

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