So, the Note 7: What Will Happen to Those Recalled Phones?

Even after two recalls, nearly 100 instances of dangerous overheating, and Samsung’s specific instructions to shut them off because they might catch fire, some people just won’t relinquish their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. More than one million people continue using the phones, according to mobile analytics firm Apteligent. That’s after Samsung issued a recall on September 15 and offered replacement phones—and 23 devices have […]

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The Note 7 Meltdown Will Haunt Samsung for a Long, Long Time

The Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s flagship smartphone, reached customers on August 19. Within two weeks, 35 of the devices had either caught fire or blown up outright, prompting a voluntary recall of millions of handsets. And now, with replacement devices suffering the same explosive fate, the company has halted product altogether. It doesn’t get much worse than this. Samsung’s latest […]

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