Review: Switchmate

My editor says the Switchmate is “100 percent ridiculous.” To be honest, he’s not wrong. In an era when humanity is rushing headlong into the smart home, the Switchmate says, “Whoa, hold up there fella. Let’s think about this. Maybe all you really need is a fancy light timer.” And fundamentally, that’s what the Switchmate is: a ridiculous yet surprisingly […]

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Review: Jaybird X3

The floodwaters started rising earlier this year. Rumors about the imminent demise of the iPhone’s headphone jack had barely made it past the lips of the digerati before the world was waist-deep in wireless audio options. Jaybird is no stranger to these waters, having introduced its first pair of Bluetooth headphones in 2007. We’ve always liked its stuff—I gave the Freedom Wireless sports earbuds a […]

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Review: Ambronite

It’s a ritual as old as civilization: hunt and gather, cook, masticate, repeat. Like everything else, though, the primal act of eating real food is under siege. Celebrity cyborgs dismiss traditional meals as a wasteful indulgence, and dream of a dystopian diet that’s as grim as it is efficient. Legions of likeminded techies—toiling away at startups from Mumbai to Silicon […]

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