CES 2018 in Photos: A Glimpse of the Gadget Zaniness

Helper robots were all over the Las Vegas Convention Center expo hall this year. It’s a neat trend, but we just wish manufacturers would stop giving their robot children such expressive eyes.

Attendees endure a VR fitness experience at Samsung’s booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2018.

The robotics industry is intent on assigning the most common household tasks to its silicon-brained creations. Some of the domestic bots, like automated bartenders or robots that make coffee, seem unnecessary. A laundry-folding robot, however, is something we can get behind.

The fidget spinner singularity is upon us. All that remains of humanity is the hopeful sigh of the branded tchotchke maker and his plea for stale fun.

Who needs a robot vacuum when you’ve got robots with vacuums?

An artist sketches a portrait of a CES attendee on a digital whiteboard.

CES veterans will stress the importance of bringing a pair of comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of walking. And also, you never know when you’ll get pulled into an impromptu virtual reality workout.

Underwater drones continued the trend we saw bubble up last year, when these aquatic explorers first made a splash.

CES attendees take a break from walking the expo hall floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A CES attendee poses for a digital snapshot atop a giant replica of an analog film camera.

Augmented reality headsets continued to nudge their way into the conversation at CES 2018. While the tech isn’t ready for mainstream buyers, the construction and manufacturing industries are excited. AR glasses can be used to train workers, to display operating instructions, or to provide support in the field.

There was no shortage of VR experiences to test out at the show this year.

The Las Vegas Convention Center suffered a power outage on Wednesday when water from heavy rainfall the previous two days dripped onto a power transformer. The Central hall of LVCC went suddenly dark, along with thousands of TVs, display screens, and gadgets.

CES cosplay doesn’t always involve dressing up like a giant potentiometer.

If you’re wondering who won CES this year, it is this man.

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