Define Your Target Market for Effective Social Media Marketing

When you engage in any type of marketing activity, it is very important to define your target market first.  This is true for the use of both traditional media and new media in marketing. When you have your target market clearly defined then you will know just exactly which social media to use and what messages and content you need to distribute online. When you know your target market, it becomes easier to draft marketing plans.   If you don’t know who you should sell to then you won’t be able to implement a consistent marketing plan.

When you understand your target market- who they are, what appeals to them then you can plan the best strategy for your business.  Your market will define your web design, your web content and all your social marketing messages.  Even the tags or keywords to use will depend on your target audience. Essentially, anything you put out there should be appealing to your target audience.

When you are able to successfully communicate with your target market then you will be able to sell successfully as well. In social networks, when you are sending the right messages to the right people then chances are they will also forward your messages to people they know.  When you send messages to people who are not interested in the kind of products or services you sell then it will be very hard for word-of-mouth marketing to happen.

Knowing your target will also determine what kind of social network you should be using.  Every social media also has its own demographic figures.  You need to make sure that the social network that you will be using reaches your own target market.  There are thousands of networks online and it would be wise to choose the right network so that you don’t end up wasting your time.  You need to know which networks and websites your target market frequents so that you can use these networks. Then you can focus all your time and energy on the media channels that will really reach your target audience.

When you don’t know your target market then you end up wasting your time on efforts that will not help in your company in brand-building, public relations, marketing and selling.

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