Educational institutions connect faster through Voice Broadcasting Software

Voice Broadcasting Software uses the advanced, but user-friendly communication technology that can be used to send recorded voice messages, notification, examination and meeting alerts to thousands of students and parents simultaneously in educational institutions.

How does Voice Broadcasting Software work?

  • Record your voice message.

  • Upload the list of phone numbers that you would be calling.

  • Schedule the time of voice campaigning.

  • Your system will automatically call the listed phone numbers and play the pre-recorded messages


                                   Voice broadcasting communication software enables you to make bulk calls automatically to reach your targeted audience. A few solutions come with many other advanced features. For example,


  • Some voice blasting system supports IVR which allow navigation for the receiver to select the right message for him

  • Some voice message casting software supports polling which can be helpful to conduct surveys or voting.

This software provides various solutions to the varied problems faced by educational institutions, especially schools these days:

  •                              With the increase in global warming, there is always the possibility of erratic weather changes. This software through voice calls broadcasting (which is a computer technology to send emergency alerts), helps school authorities to send alerts to students on weather related closing and schedules changes.

  • ·                           Private schools often face shortage of funds for maintaining the infrastructure of their schools. They can use the voice call broadcasting to send pre-recorded phone messages or bulk voice calls to mobile phones or landline networks embedded in this software, requesting parents for donation.

  •                            Students can get the instant updates of any ad hoc decisions taken by the school or college. For example holiday due some emergency. It can also be used by institutions to send deadlines of assignment, reminder of exams, etc.

  •                              The software can also be used as a notification system to provides the schools an easy way to communicate with students families and staff members, using any of the communication channels like- voice, SM, email. They can send bulk messages or voice calls instantly.

  •                              Teachers at schools can use personalized voice calls to connect with their students or parents, inviting them to any online session or discussion.

The Voice Broadcasting Solution has improved higher education system:

  • College and University administrations can communicate with the entire student community in minutes using the notification system in the software. Notifications can be sent using any of the communication channels like- SMS text, emails, voice or desktop alerts.

  • Nowadays, majority of the students use cell phones, hence emergency SMS or voice calls can be made to the send examination alerts, class timings etc.

  • Colleges use this system to manage health emergencies like the sudden outbreak of flu by updating the students about the latest and accurate preventives, thereby checking the outbreak of any epidemic.


The usage of voice broadcasting solution in any educational institute makes various task easier. It can be a very helpful tool to keep students, parents and staff updated with various updates of the institute. It are has made learning easier and the place of learning safer.


Source by Harold Vance

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