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A relative in US, a childhood friend in Australia or a university roommate in Antarctica, how can we be in touch with them? How can we share pictures of a family vacation with our relatives or flaunt our newly bought car amongst our friends? Surely, social networking sites are god sent. They allow us to share videos, pictures and messages or in short can give us a complete peek into the lives of separated childhood friends, family or complete strangers. Out of the myriad of social networking sites out there, Facebook has emerged as the undisputed king, confirmed by the fact that it is one of the 100 most visited sites in the world today.

So, what has made Facebook so popular? It helps us to keep in touch with people who are well known to us and share personal information with them by enabling them to visit our profile. A useful interactive interface which allows easy navigation through the website is another boon for the users.

Besides this, it also helps us to scout for people who share our interests so that we can discuss our choices and dislikes with them. For example any person who likes the band “Dream Theater” can find any other person with a particular liking to this band and discuss the band’s music. Recently, Facebook was seen to provide a very strong leverage to the US Presidential Campaign by echoing the ideologies of the candidates and spreading them amongst the youth and hence encouraging them to vote.

Facebook is growing exponentially and will grow in the future too because it connects people of different caste, religion and countries together and establishes the fact that no matter how deep the cultural or geographical divides are, people are bound by a common thread of ideas and interests.

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