Getting Help With An Auto Accident Lawsuit

Finding a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who is willing to work hard and fight to protect your rights is generally the best approach to dealing effectively with a Louisville auto accident.

When an auto accident turns legal

Kentucky auto accidents become legal matters when they involve severe injury, significant traffic law violations, or claims of negligence causing damages exceeding $1,000.  Under such circumstances, even when the injured parties have no fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, they may obtain the right to sue based on the monetary amount of the claim, the seriousness of the bodily injury, or the death of a family member driver or passenger.

See Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 304.39-060 ( for more detailed information about types of injuries that give you the right to bring an auto accident lawsuit in Louisville and what damages you can recover.

Legal help goes beyond a courtroom appearance

When you obtain a lawyer to handle a lawsuit for a Louisville auto accident injury, the legal help you receive extends beyond what most people envision.  Legal representation is much more than a courtroom scene with a lawyer presenting a case before the judge or jury.

Your representation begins with—

  • Thorough investigation of the accident scene
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Analysis of the cause
  • Identification of all liable parties

Attorneys address how your medical bills get paid and lost wages recouped.  They engage in extensive evaluation of all damages past, present, and future.  Insurance policies are scrutinized to see if they provide adequate compensation.  If not, other assets or sources of compensation are also pursued.  You essentially trust your attorney to tackle your case from many angles and put your life back on track by seeking the money you deserve.
All the diligent casework pays off when attorneys sit down with insurance company claims adjusters or lawyers and negotiate a successful settlement for their clients—or present court cases that inspire the jury to render a winning verdict and justice is served.

According to the Commonwealth of Kentucky 2008 Traffic Collision Facts ( report, 826 victims died in fatal traffic collisions in Kentucky.  Surviving families along with accident victims need legal help so they can also get on with their lives.

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