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Doctors will always tell you, that tonsil stones home remedies do not exist. That is just not the whole truth. Natural cures for tonsil stones are a very reasonable alternative compared with invasive tonsil surgery. In this article I will compare natural cures vs. invasive surgery and I would like to show you, which method worked for me to get rid of that nasty breath forever.

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Invasive surgery

Any surgical intervention hurts, so there is no exception in this case. You will have problems eating and drinking after this procedure. You will suffer pain for days, if not for weeks, and your savings account will suffer as well. As you can guess for yourself, this is exactly the reason why doctors will recommend an invasive surgery. It brings them money. When a friend of mine told me about his horrible experience, I was totally motivated to find an alternative way to get rid of this problem. And after searching and trying every alternative, I finally found a cheap and simple solution.

Natural cures

Home remedies are way more comfortable to tolerate than the surgical intervention. Well, not all alternative methods are really pleasant, believe me. I have tried nearly all of them. At least I can assure you, they neither cause you as much pain nor are as expensive. In fact, a lot of the methods I tried were freely available on internet or resulted out of tips from friends and acquaintances. The problem is, they just did not do their job well. Some of them made it better for a while, but the trouble always came back.

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I wrote other articles about the same topic. If you would like to know more about tonsil stones home remedies, feel free to read them, too.

My experience

To get rid of tonsil stones forever isn’t easy, and it can take you a long time searching for natural cures. One thing you can be sure of is that there are home remedies to treat them, and it will cost you much less money and cause you no pain at all, compared to an invasive tonsil surgery.

Think about the reason doctors tell you there’s no alternative, natural solution to a surgical intervention. Do they say that because they mean it or are they just afraid to lose customers and money? Well, it’s a fact that counts for nearly every medical problem, doctors will just not recommend alternative treatments.

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