How Not to Choose a Web Hosting Company

There are thousands of topics on how to a good choose a web hosting company. But this one is a little different because I am not going to be telling you things you need to look out for. I’m also going to be letting you into some of the cons employed by many web hosting companies.

If you’re thinking of hosting a small or personal site, there are variables that you need to adhere to. These variables are not negotiable because anything short can cost your on-line business big time. So don’t say I did not warn you.

Cheap Hosting: It’s quite unfortunate that someone who’s serious about getting their online business up and running can decide on the choice of a host based on the price. This is the last thing you should consider. I am not advocating that you break your bank for a hosting account, but don’t go for the very cheap host. Except you’re not hosting something serious. There’s always a catch to cheap hosting packages. Even though the plans might look great. Don’t be fooled. Always remember to read their terms of service before joining.

Unlimited Hosting: I’m sure you must have seen this everywhere. Many web hosting companies claiming to offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Now ask yourself this question: What in life is unlimited? Absolutely nothing. If the Unlimited hosting stuff is for real then why do you have larger hosting plans like the virtual private servers and the dedicated hosting. Now here’s the catch. They offer you unlimited hosting meaning that you won’t get restricted space wise but you’ll be restricted CPU usage wise. So, by the time you’re getting thousand of traffic to your website you’re going to be warned which could lead to them terminating your account.

Free domain name: Here’s another way web hosting companies entice clients. They offer to give you a free domain for life if you join them. That sounds too good to be true. Now here’s the catch. If companies offer you a free domain name, it simply means that while you’re with them the domain is not yours though you can use it. The day you decide to change your host they will tell you that according to the terms of service. Any domain given for free with a hosting account is theirs. Now that might force you to remain with a host you’re unhappy with.

There are many other web hosting gimmicks you need to watch out for. The best thing is always for you to read their terms of service before signing up with any host.

Source by James Orji

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