Making Money with Dog Breeding

Dog breeding is not going to make you a millionaire, in fact to make a comfortable living from it you would have to cut corners so much that the result is that the puppies suffer. There is no doubt that there is a lot of breeding going on, and there are over 120,000 Internet searches per day for dog breeders and related terms, but the best breeders are not doing it to make money with dog breeding.

Canine breeding should be all about developing the breed. A really good dog breeder is not motivated by the idea of making money. Nor should breeders be doing it to conquer the show ring at top dog shows. Rather than being about competing and gaining that one great win or that one great winner, it should be about gradual careful breed improvement over time. In short – it is in the interest of all of us when it is about protecting a breed by genetic development.

Dog breeding is not an easy task. Although it maybe fun for some dog enthusiasts, few owners are interested in it because of the hard work and cost it entails when done well, and with responsible care to the mother and the litter. In fact some do say that dog breeding is not in fact a money-making proposition if done correctly.

Health care for the mother and the puppies including the course injections needed by every puppy, diagnosis of problems which will occur, and proving the quality of the sire and bitch, extra food, provision of facilities, heating, stud fees, advertising, etc, are all costly and must be paid before the pups can be sold.

To breed dogs very obviously can be seen to be far from an easy task. There are also many time critical things to attend to, during the dog breeding cycle , so the breeder needs to be a very good manager.

A further layer of controversy also exists when one thinks of making money with dog breeding. The subject of breeding is considered unethical by animal rightists. But in the real world, and applying commonsense it does not take much thought to realize that it is up to the dog breeder to practice ethics in the conduct of his business.

Bringing up puppies and everything must come together in order for that to happen and for the puppies to be fit strong and healthy is a science. It is also a tough a discipline. But, on top of that there must be a lot of judgment applied, so it is said to be a combination of art and science. For example all dog breeders must have knowledge both about the genetics of the specimens they bring into the world and an in-depth understanding of what makes for the over-all health of his dogs.

The best people to produce the dogs that so many people love to keep in adulthood are those to whom it is a satisfying hobby, not a livelihood. I would go so far as to say that a commercial breeder is one who lives off of the dogs and at their expense in welfare, just to maximize their earnings.

Dog breeding is not an endeavor which should ever be taken lightly, and it should never be done for the wrong reasons. If you are in it for the money, then I would ask you to stop now. Leave the replenishment of our canine friends to the dedicated hobbyists that are approved by their kennel clubs and know just what to do, how to do it and won’t mind spending on vets bills when necessary to handle things that go wrong.

Source by Steve Evans

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