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AMD has officially announced the release date for the Ryzen 9 3950X, accompanied by specs, pricing, and release dates for the Athlon 3000G, Threadripper 3970X, & TR3 3960X CPUs.
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Our Red Dead 2 CPU benchmarks were mentioned in this video (with some very interesting results!). Watch those here:…

We’re keeping this video very short and to the point, as the I’m at 40 hours in 2 days thanks to the Red Dead 2 launch. Sorry for the limited editing on this, but we really just wanted to throw together a quick news video while still carrying our other video projects. It’s been a busy, rough week with Red Dead 2 and all its many issues! Anyway, here’s your brief news update on the specs and pricing, alongside final release dates, for the 3950X, initial 2 Threadripper 3 parts, and the Athlon 3000G. It’s looking like November 19 for the Athlon CPU and November 25 for the rest. Our reviews will publish as soon as we’re able to get the parts, test them, and get through embargo lift.

Time for the team to get a few hours of sleep and then crack on with our other ongoing coverage!

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