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Taking care of child is very important, be it the parents of that child or for people who run the childcare institutes. The future of the society depends upon the growth of the child. It is not always possible for one to attend the traditional classes, for those Safeway Certifications has come up with online childcare courses. The online childcare courses offered are:

  • Additional Pre-Service Training Course (under 24 months): Psychological or mental disorders are often the result of physical/emotional abuse or neglect. Through awareness and learning psychological disorders occurring during childhood can be controlled. The following modules teach you how to sustain the survival of these children by creating an environment conducive to them.

1. Attachment in Infancy 2. Shaken Baby Syndrome 3. Early Childhood Brain Development 4. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ? Arlington Childcare Workers Permit: This course is available only in Arlington city. This course was designed specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the agency in Arlington city.

  • Pre- Service Training Course: Basically, this course is for those who want to start up with nursery schools etc. Safeway Certifications courses are accepted nationally and by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS) in correspondence with their pre-service training requirements for all childcare providers.
  • Child Transportation Safety Course: This course familiarizes you with the safety norms taken into consideration when the child is travelling through bus, car etc.
  • Sun Safety -2.5 Hours Cont. Ed.: Sunlight is very essential for ones life and health, but excess of sunlight or exposure to ultra-violet rays may lead to cancer. This course will teach you to protect your children and yourself from harmful sun rays.

Safeway Certifications not only take online childcare courses but they also have different courses like food handlers course, tabc courses, food managers certification etc Safeway Certifications also provide daycare licensing in Texas. The most important thing about Safeway Certifications is that it is recognized by the Texas Government.

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