Sitting Around a Fire Pit

There is nothing as enjoyable as sitting around an open fire on a cool summer evening or a crisp fall afternoon. You can create a simple, easy sitting area to enjoy such fires in your own backyard by just putting your existing garden benches around the fire pit and you are ready to enjoy the warmth of the fire and the camaraderie that seems to blossom at such times. Your patio furniture will no longer just be for those lazy summer lunches or family barbecues. It will become an integral part of your outdoor living area.

There are many styles you can use when designing the outdoor area that will center around your fire pit. The least expensive option is of course to take advantage of the patio furniture you already own and place it around the fire pit in an inviting layout. However, since your patio furniture may already have its own special area in which it stays, you may want to consider buying new things to place around the fire.

Garden benches around the fire pit are a great idea because they can withstand the elements and can be left outside in an arrangement that is always ready to use. You can also find garden benches that will easily match the look of the fire pit, like wrought iron benches and stone benches. The one drawback with garden benches is that they tend to be rather stiff, uncomfortable yard furniture that do not invite people to sit for long periods of time. In order to remedy this downfall, get cushions and blankets that you keep in the house but readily at hand for those times you want to cozy up to the fire. You can turn any garden bench into a comfortable, inviting seat with a little softness.

Sling chairs, directors chairs, Adirondack chairs and swings are all other inviting seating options to place before a fire pit. Some of these are temporary seating and can be placed around the firepit when needed. However, by choosing one of the more permanent options in seating and leaving it in place you will use your fire pit more than you otherwise would, because the already ready seating plan will invite you to keep coming back.

Another important touch to the seating arrangements for your fire pit area of the yard is side tables. It is important to make your area comfortable and yet functional for those who use it. Side tables work much better around a fire pit, as coffee tables in front of the seats would be too close to the fire or force people to sit too far from the fire to enjoy it. Tables of a comfortable height are perfect for laying down a cup of hot cocoa or a cool drink.

Whether you use garden benches around the fire pit, comfy chairs, two-seaters or something else, there is nothing that beats sitting around a fire for the ultimate in simple relaxation. Grab someone else to enjoy in the moment and cuddle up to a fire for the best outing you’ve had in ages.

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