So you want to be an event manager?

So you want to be an event manager?

In these uncertain times following the credit crunch, there are lots of people taking advantage of this opportunity to reassess their career goals, and even use the time to retrain and change direction.

Event Management is an exciting career which is varied and fast paced. If you like taking control and planning to perfection, then event management could be right up your street.

What is event management?

Event Management covers all aspects of organising an event, be it a wedding, a music festival or a corporate dinner. Event managers will work to a brief and can organise everything from guest speakers, to lighting, refreshments and even seating plans.

What skills do I need?

Due to the amount of planning involved, you need to be a naturally organised and efficient person. Event managers have responsibilities in several areas which could include hiring contractors, managing budgets, and carrying out risk assessments, all of which come with associated paperwork.

You will also need to be comfortable taking charge of the project, making sure deadlines are met and that the client is happy with progress and any decisions that you may have to make along the way.

How do I get into event management?

There are many courses available in event management, which range from short, introductory courses through to full degree or even postgraduate level courses. Courses can be in general event management, or sometimes are tailored specifically to wedding planning, or corporate event management.

Event management is becoming an increasingly competitive industry, and it is very difficult to gain an event management role without qualifications or some experience of the industry.

Get real experience

The best event management courses offer work placements, which although unpaid offer you the chance to work in the industry and gain real experience alongside your studies. Often this will mean that you can supply an event management specific work reference after completing your course and looking for work.

What can I expect from a job in event management?

Event management is not for the easily stressed, as you would be ultimately responsible for the success of the event. Also, depending on the types of event you will be working on, you may end up working unsociable hours – with working late nights and weekends a distinct possibility.

If you enjoy a challenge however, and work well under pressure, then event management can be an extremely rewarding career. Each event is different and you get to meet and work with a huge range of people.

What could I do with a qualification in event management?

Event managers are found in a range of businesses, from event management companies who will organise events for a range of clients, to corporations who may have an on-site event manager to organise trade shows and corporate events throughout the year, to local councils, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

For weddings and family events, event managers are often self-employed.

Event Management is a career that could potentially take you all over the world. It is a career which is often glamorous, sometimes stressful, but continually rewarding as you see things come together and events take shape.

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