Online Degrees – Quick And Easy Guide To The Best Online Degree Programs

Some experts argue that online degrees in particular fields are more accepted than in others and some college degree programs are less suited for online-only schools. The time, distance and the financial hardships of a higher education no longer exist with the arrival of online technology. It’s reported that employers in general feel that an employee receiving an online education […]

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What’s the Difference Between Career Colleges and Online Universities and Which Is Right for You?

Deciding between a career college and online university is a decision that should be given a lot of consideration and could make a huge impact on becoming successful in your fields of interest. Every person has their own challenges and goals that are unique to them, so it’s important to take those into consideration when deciding which kind of school […]

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Important Questions You Must Ask a Potential Web Developer

Question 1. What is your client feedback like? Would you mind if I contacted a few businesses from your portfolio? Right Answer:Yes of course, you’re welcome to contact any of our clients. Wrong Answer: “We don’t have a portfolio” or “Our client’s details/websites are private” or “We would prefer you didn’t pester our clients, it’s unprofessional”. Summary: A professional web […]

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