Instructivism Vs Constructivism

All students have been in instructivist classes where the instructor used lecture-based teaching. While many learners can learn in this environment, recent studies on how the brain learns suggest that a more effective method of teaching is constructivism. An explanation of both theories follows. Instructivist Learning Theory In the instructivist learning theory, knowledge exists independently of the learner, and is […]

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How to Get Grants and Scholarships for Medical Transcription Courses

One of the fastest growing work-from-home positions is medical transcription work. Although not all of these jobs are work-from-home positions, most of them are. If you are interested in this field, you may wonder what sort of training you need and how to find scholarships for medical transcription training. In fact, you do not actually need to be certified to […]

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Learn Karate at Home?

Is it possible to learn karate at home? If you are thinking about starting karate, getting some online information, is a good idea. With some online tutorials, you will be able to understand what to expect if you attend a karate club. But if you have some video instruction, I only recommend using them at the same time you attend […]

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