Treatment for gout – best gout treatment that works

 Treatment for gout – best gout treatment that works

Gout treatment entails a decrease in the protein intake of a patient suffering from gout like disease. In order to decrease the occurrence of gout attacks doctors are continuously trying to decrease protein while allowing the usual fats and gelatinous stocks in order to prevent further uric acid build up.

 Juice of cherries is also used to avoid uric acid buildup and minimizing the possibility of gout attacks. Along with cherry juice, vitamin A rich cod liver oil is also needed for gout patients. Cod liver oil is well used in preventing uric acid build up and providing nourishment to the kidneys.

 The most important part of gout treatment is that, eliminate all purine rich food such as organ meats, including liver, heart, kidneys, herring, mackerel, sweet breads, anchovies and trout from your diet menu.

 Obesity is also related to gout therefore it is recommended to lose weight by going to weight control program.

Diet for Gout

 In order to dilute uric acid and for avoiding kidney stones increases in fluid intake in the form of water or juices (like cherry). Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday to dilute the uric acid and prevents constipation. Try to include other fluids like teas of herbs, soup, vegetable and fruits juices (unsweetened).

 Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake they are best contributors to gout and gout attacks.

Add vitamin B12 rich foods such as meat, poultry, eggs etc. to your diet menu, but in moderation. Omega 3 fatty acids are best used for reducing gout related inflammation.

Add seeds of pumpkin and flax to your food menu.

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