Treatments for Pneumonia

The treatment for the different pneumonia types depends on the pathognomonic agent that is causing it; bacterial pneumonia can be deled with by antibiotics but these are however no good when the condition is caused by a virus or fungi. Infective pneumonia must be immediately treated to prevent the infection from spreading to other subjects as well.

The treatment must necessarily follow some important steps: the medication must be taken according to the doctor’s prescription and only stopped at its recommendation if not useful, pain and fever symptoms must be cared for by taking acetaminophen or other similar medication, a humidifier or vaporizer with cold air can be helpful to make the air more easy to breathe, stay in bed as long as the fever is still high and drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Aspiration pneumonia occurs when different fluids, food or dust particles get into the air tubes and obstructs the passing of the air. Assisted breathing will be required with an open-ended tube placed inside the trachea which will provide the lungs with oxygen and allow the air currents to move freely into and out f the lungs.

The evolution of pneumonia often depends on the causing factor, the health estate of the patient and the patient’s age; in case of additional conditions or very young or very advanced age, pneumonias can be fatal. A vaccine is available to protect against the bacterial pneumonia but it offers no protection against viral types of pneumonia. Most of the people only require vaccination once in their lives, but Immunodeficient persons can consult their doctor to see if a second vaccine is necessary.

The risk groups requiring a secondary vaccination include persons over the age of 65 and all persons known to suffer from a chronic condition that might expose them at great risk in case of pneumonia. Children under the age of two, pregnant women and nursing ladies should not be vaccinated. The anti flu vaccine can also protect against one type of viral pneumonia but it must be done each year due to the constant mutation of its structure. The pneumococcal vaccine must be given n the same year period with the Influenza-vaccine most recommended in the early to mid fall.

Pneumonia can also be avoided by taking personal hygiene measures like washing your hands before every meal or avoid organism responsible for causing any respiratory condition such as flu or cold. The normal used soaps are effective enough against any type of germs. Your daily meal must contain antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Physical exercises and breathing exercises can increase your lung capacity. Avoiding smoking is extremely helpful in preventing the occurrence of ea pneumonia.

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