Writing An Effective Credit Dispute Letter: Sure To Get Negative Items Removed

Is lousy credit preventing you from getting that house, car or other things you always dreamed about? Have you spent sleepless night’s wishing you could repair your damaged credit without it taking years or even decades?

Poor credit translates into high interest rates on credit cards, vehicles and other major purchases. Such high interest rates inevitably devastate your financial well being forcing you into financial ruin. Don’t let an unhealthy credit score continue to ruin you life, a healthy credit score can be your key to financial freedom.

You can say good-bye to Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, late payments and other derogatory items that are lowering your credit score. All you have to do is formulate the right letter! A unique letter that works!

Following are some tricks and things to keep in mind when doing so, over the years I have used them to formulate many successful letters that have removed all items mentioned above.

* Credit bureaus are bound by the FTC to validate a debt within a 30-day time frame and if they can’t, it has to be removed.

* Credit bureaus are afraid to be sued and would rather remove a debt than be dragged into small claims court.

* Credit bureaus are bound by the FCRA.

* Credit bureaus receive thousands if not millions of dispute letters each day.

* Ask the credit bureaus to validate the debt to it’s entirety.

* Be specific in what you want the credit bureaus to do with the debt if they can’t validate it, such as: Remove or Update The Info

* Be original in your letter and what ever you do don’t use a form letter off the Internet.

* Let them know that you are prepared to take legal action under if they don’t correct the info.

* Address each letter individually to each credit bureau.

* Send the letters certified mail, return receipt requested.

* Include a color copy of both your social security card and drivers license

OK so with these tips in mind an effective dispute letter might look something like this:

To: Bureau Name and address
Re: Update or Delete Info
Date of Birth:

Your Name
Your Address

Attention: Consumer Fraud Department, “Thank You for your Prompt Actions”
Reference #
Date Report was issued: From bureau

As indicated above my information may have changed in your files since my last confirmation dispute, please apply all changes to the information above.

I am disputing several items on my credit report due to fraudulent activity. Some items on my disputes still reflect on my credit file and I ask that you investigate each account to its full entirety. I am listing the accounts I wish to dispute below.


“This account does not belong to Me, Possible Fraudulent account using my name & SSN to establish credit” DELETE this from my credit file per Section 4752 & Stated by Section 1785.11 & S-623 (a) Paragraph (4) California New Legislation signed by governor on 2/24/2006, Chapter 10 A.B. 424. Inaccurate I am a JR.

The following inquiries listed below I’ve never applied for either in Writing, Verbal or Initialed. Please delete from my credit file immediately!


The following names listed below I’ve never used to obtain credit and was placed incorrectly on my credit file. Please delete from my credit file immediately!


Please note that I am aware of such information which reflects on my credit file may vary different, however are similar. I will pursue legal action if my request has not been fulfilled in the manner in which it has been requested. I have fully investigated my rights in this matter. Under the doctrine of estoppels by silence, Engelhard vs. Graven (Mo) 281 SW 715, 719, I may presume that no proof of the alleged debt, nor therefore any such debt, in fact exists.

I appreciate your professional cooperation in advance; I am looking forward to a prompt response from your fraud department.


Your Name

Cc: Experian, Equifax, Trans Union, F.T.C.

(The above letter is an actual letter I use all the time to get negative items removed and is one of the most successful.)

OK so now that you formulated a well written and thought out letter you can proceed to send the letter. You will receive an answer back within 30-45 days. Remember that when you launch a credit scrubbing campaign on your own to keep in mind that it can be a long and tedious process.

You will have to keep track of all letters and respond back to each you receive from the bureaus in order to be successful. If you are not in it for the long haul and not ready to see it through to the end you might want to reconsider doing it yourself. Even though the above letter is successful, you will have to formulate one particular to your individual case, make sure and be original to every response you receive from the bureaus also. Good Luck!

Source by Jay Delgado

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